Studio Policies

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Studio Policies

What’s your cancellation policy?

Things come up and we know that cancellations happen. However, we need 48 hours notice for a full refund. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will receive 50% of your deposit.

What do you require to rent?

A $200 deposit is required to book the studio. This deposit will be applied to the final invoice. We also require a credit card for any extra charges or damage that may occur. We also will have you electronically sign the rental contract. The contract MUST be signed to complete the booking.

When is payment due?

Complete payment will be processed the day after your rental with the credit card we have on file. Any incidentals such as extra time or equipment damage will be billed and you will be sent a copy of the invoice.

What happens if I break something?

You are responsible for any damage to equipment. You will either pay for replacement or repair of what you damaged. If you are unsure about how to use the photographic equipment in the studio you can hire a studio tech through us to assist you.

How does the rental time work?

When you rent the studio, you will need to factor in setup, preparation and tear down into your rental timeline. For example, if you have a 4-hour rental, and you need an hour of setup time and an hour of cleanup you will have only 2 hours to shoot. We have rentals scheduled back to back so you need to be cleaned up and out the door at the end of your rental time. If there is nobody scheduled after you, extra time is billed at $65/hour.

Can we be as loud as we want?

No. There are other people that work in the building during the day so you are expected to keep excessive noise to a minimum. You’re welcome t play music but keep the volume at a level that does not disturb others.